The Oslo-based furry dance party
Easter Friday March 29th, Melahuset
City Walk
Last year we explored downtown Oslo. This year, we explore the old industrial side of Oslo with a walk down Akerselva, from Nydalen. The meet-up point is by Torgbygget Brua (link on google maps) , right outside the metro station at 12:00.
From there we walk down along the scenic walkway by the river, stopping to look at the historical buildings along the way. At around 13:15 we will reach Mathallen (website) where we will stop for lunch.
The walk ends at Outland (website) pop culture store in Oslo centrum around 15:00.
This event is free, and open for all. Fursuits are welcome, but there is no fursuit support provided.
Early arrival Bowling
The pre-party bowling event takes place the evening before the party at Lucky Bowl Veitvet (webite). A fun night of strikes and gutters, perfect for getting to know new people before the big party.
Tickets for the bowling are purchased together with the party ticket and includes two rounds of bowling. Further rounds can be bought on site directly from the venue.
A simple changing room will be provided. Here you can put on your suit, store your luggage, and get some water. Note that the room does have small windows towards the lobby and hallway inside, so we can not offer complete privacy.
Food and drinks can be bought onsite, you are not allowed to bring your own.
Dealers Den
Furries are a creative bunch that make a wide array of items. At Pawske Party some of them will be present to sell you furry related art, merchandise and other interesting things. Follow our social media closer to the event to see what will be on offer.
The furwalk is one of the highlights of the party. We go for a stroll in the area around the venue to say hi to strangers and spread some joy. Last year we ended up on national news when we stumbled upon a camera crew. Who knows what will happen this year?
Dead Dog Brunch
After a long night of partying, you probably need some rest and some good food. We will be setting up at Vippa Street Food (website) where you can chillax with us and enjoy food from a variety of stalls. DJ Tigris will be playing some relaxing beats to keep the party mood present.
The event is fursuit friendly, with Vippa offering us their spacious HC toilet for changing. It is a spacious venue and we will be sharing it with regular customers, so here you can really show off in front of the normies.
No ticket is required for this event, but you are expected to buy something from the venue.
You can not bring your own food and drink.
Photos by Emphy
More to come, stay tuned!