The Oslo-based furry dance party
Easter Friday March 29th, Melahuset
Terms of serice
Rules of Admittance
Attendees must be at least 18 years old by the day of the event Attendees are required to present their legal photo ID or passport at check-in time. Your ID details must match the information in our electronic records. Pawske Party is a private event, and we reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or revoke registrations for any reason.
Registration and Payment
In order to take part in the convention, you are required to register through our online registration system. Registrations or ticket purchases through any other means are null and void. We currently accept payments only through credit/debit cards and Vipps. Your booking is not valid and confirmed until you receive a confirmation email. In case of an attendance cap imposed by national or local authorities making it impossible to accommodate all registered attendees on site, the convention reserves the right to cancel registrations. If this happens, the convention will endeavour to refund or roll over your registration.
An e-mail will be sent to you with a confirmation after you have paid.
Cancellation/Ticket Transfer
Tickets (including all fees and extras) are not-refundable and non-transferable. In the event Pawske Party sells out, attendees can offer their tickets up for resale through the event. Pawske Party will then offer the ticket to people on the waiting list, or put it up for sale if there is no waiting list. If the ticket is sold, the cost of the ticket will be refunded minus handling fees. Tickets can not be offered up for resale less than 48 hours prior to the event. In case the event is canceled due to insufficient attendance, all payments to Pawske Party will be refunded, with the exception of processing and administrative fees. Any other expenses, such as travel costs or other expenses not with Pawske Party, will not be refunded under any circumstances. In case Pawske Party is canceled due to exceptional circumstances, such as COVID developments, revocation of the contract between Pawske Party and the venue, or force majeure, the convention will endeavor to refund all payments to Pawske Party, with the exception of processing and administrative fees. Any other expenses, such as travel costs or other expenses not with Pawske Party, will not be refunded under any circumstances. If you are unable to attend Pawske Party due to travel restrictions, Pawske Party will not be able to refund your payments.
Privacy Policy
Your data will be treated confidentially and in accordance with Norwegian and European Union data protection laws. You agree that we may hand over your personal data to the relevant hotels and service providers in order to process your booking. You agree that we may hand over your personal data as needed to third parties organizing events together with Pawske Party. We will not disclose your data to any third parties unrelated to your business with Pawske Party, except as required by law. You agree to receive e-mails concerning your registration and payment status, as well as announcement e-mails related to Pawske Party. We will not send you e-mails unrelated to Pawske Party. Note: Please understand that – while we of course do respect your privacy – Pawske Party is not an anonymous event. Your nickname may be included in Pawske Party related publications such as the conbook, website, or videos (e.g., as part of the credits, the sponsor listing, etc.). Pawske Party may also use any photo taken at the event for promotional and other reasons on their platforms.
Code of Conduct
Registration and Badges
You must be at least 18 years old to attend Pawske Party. Pawske Party is a private event. Only registered attendees with a valid ticket may enter. Exceptions might be made by Pawske Party for certain events. You may not impersonate official convention roles, communications, or announcements. Staying overnight in a partner hotel without a valid hotel booking is not allowed. It is not permitted to facilitate for someone else to stay overnight without a valid hotel booking or to attend without a valid ticket.
General Behaviour
Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Please treat others respectfully. At Pawske Party, we have a policy of “YES means YES”: do not pursue other people sexually or otherwise unless you have Unambiguous Consent from them. Moreover, NO means NO: if someone asks you to stop, then STOP. If you are asked to leave them alone, then LEAVE. There is NO discussion. If you are not certain if somebody wants to be hugged, tackled, pounced, or have any other physical contact, please ask the person first. Personal audio systems (e.g., Bluetooth speakers) are not allowed. You are liable for any damage you may cause to the property of another attendee or to property of the hotels or convention spaces.
Hate speech and discrimination
Any speech that expresses, encourages, or supports discrimination, violence, or harassment based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age, religion, nationality, or disability is strictly forbidden. Symbols of movements or organizations that support or encourage hateful behaviour are not allowed to be worn at the convention in any form.
Treat fursuiters carefully, in order not to damage the fursuit or the person inside of it.
Clothing and Decency
Pawske Party wants to be as tolerant and welcoming as possible towards all attendees. This means we wish to be as permissive as possible, as long as this does not cause offense among other attendees and people who share the public spaces. Attendees may not wear clothing or accessories which are overly revealing, inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention, or likely to draw reasonable complaints or offense. Wearing costumes, accessories, or displaying items made out of real fur is not allowed. The display of any kind of offensive symbols is prohibited. Nudity (including string underwear, a thong, or similar) is not allowed. Anatomically correct costumes, furry or otherwise, must be clothed as above. Sexual behavior that goes beyond a mere display of affection is not allowed. Display of adult-themed materials is not permitted. This includes (but is not limited to): flyers, business cards, posters, and drawings on public message boards. Exposure of fetish gear – that is, outfits of a sexual nature – is not permitted, even if it is part of a costume. This can include, for example, bondage gear, harnesses, or muzzles; or materials such as rubber, latex, spandex, or lycra. Non-sexual accessories, for example dog harnesses on fursuits, pup hoods, pet suits and similar can be acceptable, if combined with appropriate clothing after 19:00. Leashes are never permitted on persons (including fursuiters) for safety reasons. No body paint is allowed. Offensive or sexual content on otherwise appropriate clothing, for example prints on t-shirts etc., can be disallowed by the staff. Use common sense. Any item of clothing, apparel, or similar items which are likely to bring the convention and/or fandom into disrepute must not be worn. If you have to ask or think twice about doing something in public, don’t do it. Staff reserves the right to determine whether any clothing and/or accessories contravene these rules. Questions regarding rules for clothing and outfits should be directed to the chairman.
Alcohol and Drugs
You are expected to drink responsibly. You will be held liable for what you say and do, even if intoxicated. Persons who are intoxicated to the point of impairment will be asked to leave. It is not permitted to consume alcohol purchased outside the venue anywhere on the premises. The possession, consumption, or sale of illegal substances (including, but not limited to: THC, LSD, MDMA, amphetamines, etc.) will not be tolerated. The same applies to the abuse of any other substances (such as nitrous oxide, alkyl nitrites, glue, etc.) as a drug.
Venue Rules
The consumption of food or drinks purchased from outside of the convention venue is not permitted. For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, reckless or disruptive behaviour is not permitted. Attendees may not enter restricted areas. This includes all backstage areas, service elevators, the rooftops, emergency exits, and all areas marked as “Staff Only”. Tampering with any fire-protection devices – including abusive triggering of fire doors or alarms – is prohibited and will have serious consequences. The same goes for disabling smoke detectors. Walking barefoot is not allowed. Do not deliberately crack open glow sticks or similar items, i.e., anything containing dyeing, sticky, or corrosive material. Smoking and vaping (e.g., electronic cigarettes) is only permitted outside, away from the door.
Event Space and Privacy
You are expected to treat venue property reasonably and with care. You will be held personally liable for any damage you cause. Pawske Party reserves the right to use camera monitoring of convention spaces (including fursuit lounges) and areas rented by the convention to maintain safety and prevent theft, property damage, or illegal conduct. Weapons, Look-Alikes, and Dangerous Items are not allowed. Mock fights, nerf battles, fire breathing, or any other activities that may adversely affect bystanders or property are not allowed without explicit permission from the chairman.
Commercial Activity
All commercial activity at the convention is subject to the approval of the chairman.
Photography and Video
By doing photography and videography at Pawske Party you grant us the rights to use your work in connection with our event. Pawske Party grants you the right to use videos and photos you have taken at the convention for private and/or non-commercial purposes only. Pawske Party is a private event. Do not photograph or record anyone in situations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, including interventions by convention medics or security. The same goes for distributing such content. Attendees livestreaming from the event might violate attendees’ privacy and therefore requires written permission via e-mail from the convention. Publication in for-profit media (such as press, television, or other commercial mass media) requires written permission via e-mail from the board. Pawske Party reserves the right to record video and take photos in the public areas of the convention and areas rented by the convention, as well as during events. By attending the convention you agree that videos and pictures taken of you may be broadcast or used in publications without release, compensation, or notification. A release will only be required for material acquired in situations where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists. Restrictions or other rules may apply for certain events and areas. Those will be announced on location.
Pets and Animals
Pets and animals are not allowed at Pawske Party.
The Bottom Line By attending the convention, you agree to comply with Norwegian law, and to follow instructions from the organizers, security, and hotel staff. These rules will not be debated during the convention. The chairman will, however, be available for you in case you feel you have been incorrectly or wrongly accused of violating any of the rules. Decisions by the chairman are final. The chairman reserves the right to impose any and all sanctions against violators of these rules or persons involved in any other unacceptable behaviour. The definition of unacceptable behaviour remains at the sole discretion of the chairman and the board. Sanctions for violating the rules may range from a friendly reminder to a permanent ban from the convention. In case of serious violations, you may be evicted from the convention premises. In that case, your ticket is forfeited, and no refund will be issued. If you have any problems with other attendees or staff/crew, please contact a board member. When in doubt, please ask – preferably before the convention starts. We will gladly answer all your questions. Please contact us for all inquiries regarding our policies and terms and conditions. We can be reached at