The Oslo-based furry dance party
Easter Friday March 29th, Melahuset

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Buying merch is a great way to support the con while also getting some neat stuff. You can be the coolest furry at your next con with our t-shirt, bandana and baseball caps, stay refreshed with the water bottle, or start each day with something warm in a neat mug.
280 NOK
A unisex t-shirt with design by Eirik Eikeland for Pawske Party 2024. Comes in sizes XS to 4XL. We have a new t-shirt each year, so this is your only chance to get it.
210 NOK
A handy white mug with our logo printed on it. Perfect for that morning cup of tea, or to be the coolest person at the coffee break.
175 NOK
Spruce up your fursuit, or any other outfit with this bandana. Show the world your Pawske pride.
300 NOK
This handy water bottle comes with a built-in straw so you can stay fresh and rehydrated at all times.
Baseball cap
300 NOK
Sometimes it’s sunny in Norway, and this caps will help shield your eyes when this happens. It also makes you look pretty cool.